We secure leadership for our clients by helping them excel across three branding dimensions: strategic, creative and operational.

Seven tenets of success:

1. Leverage aggressive leadership branding principles independent of the size or age of the organization.

2. Surprise the market whenever possible by leading clients to think two steps ahead of their current mindset.

3. Anchor the brand in a tangible, authentic commitment to improve how customers work and live – giving everyone permission to believe the best about a company.

4. Encourage, invite and sometimes even force key executives to commit to one shared vision.

5. Activate powerful emotional motivators and universal desires when translating product and company superiority to forge indelible bonds.

6. Create detailed brand maps and draft forward-looking yet comprehensive messaging guidelines to ensure coherence and cost-effective company proliferation.

7. Relentlessly monitor effectiveness of brand and sales building activities and continually refine programs.
  “Brand Intent provided a structure that allowed Compaq Services to integrate enormous volumes of global brand/customer research data with the objectives of a complex multi-billion dollar business, and create a compelling, executable brand strategy and execution directly addressing the issues and opportunities we saw in the market.  Without Encompass, we would not have been able to develop an effective, well-integrated brand STRATEGY, as opposed to a set of tactical programs and deliverables.  The result was a viable platform to establish sustained business advantage.”

Dan Clark
Director of Worldwide Branding for Compaq Services
Compaq Computer Corporation




Established a brand platform to quickly and effectively position Compaq Services in the global SI market after the acquisition of Digital Equipment.  Without this program, people would still think “Compaq Global Services” was PC repair.