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Challenge: Sell a distinct capability in a sea of similarity.
In professional services, the marketing laggers vastly outnumber the leaders, providing a huge opportunity for an aggressive brand. The trick is to convince a firm to take the risk of doing something different and to invest out of their own pocket. We convinced the Dwyer & Collora partnership group to commit to an annual program that was sufficiently well funded to actually generate results; the next task was to deliver.

Solution: Grab them by the jugular.
The key was to go beyond listing litigators and capabilities in order to activate the emotional triggers. By combining breakthrough creative and messaging that focused on the life-saving benefit that the firm delivers we were able to elevate this mid-size boutique litigation firm onto the national stage. We succeeded by building a brand vision that even today is recognized for redefining law firm marketing.

Memorable Detail: You can't talk about winning cases.
One of the biggest positioning issues was to communicate that the firm was the best at what they did, without promising to win cases. The ultimate benefit was to achieve the best possible outcome – the path was to choose the wisest, sharpest litigators.

Result: Boost revenues 30%, expand reach.
In the year following our launch, Dwyer & Collora had its best year ever and grew 30% by attracting higher-caliber cases. Today we continue to work with the firm to ensure that it stays on top of the pack.

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