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“Without BrandIntent I don’t believe Dolce Food would have succeeded in targeting such a broad range of customers for a product that could have been a small niche item. BrandIntent’s forward thinking has given our company a chance to grow larger and more profitable than what our founder had expected.”

Dano Strong
V.P. Business Development
Dolce Food Corporation

Launch Pad
dolce food

Challenge: Launch against titans while navigating huge consumer shift.
When our client first approached BrandIntent he believed his no-sugar, low-carb ice cream, perfect for diabetics and low-carbers, was a no-brainer. But we saw a much greater potential and threat. No matter how great the product, the brand had to appeal to investors wary of investing in a fad, supermarkets willing to drop slotting fees and give up valuable freezer space to an unknown, and finally consumers who were often disappointed by “healthy” desserts.

Solution: Tap adjacent markets to triple potential and diversify risk.
To build the optimal position we completed research to understand what healthy eating regimes people were succeeding at, the long-term lifestyle impact of fad diets and how individuals made decisions on the supermarket floor. We repositioned the ice cream to satisfy diabetics and low-carbers and low-fat and low-calorie regimes. It helps everyone enjoy a sweeter future.

Memorable Detail: Capture the premium ground.
Although “dietetic” foods have been around for decades they were rarely positioned as premium brands. We saw an opportunity to elevate Dolce Food into a premium brand (based on tweaking its high-end taste profile) and developed an integrated print, packaging, event and POS program to launch the brand.

Result: Healthy growth on minimal investment.
Twelve months from our first meeting, Dolce Food has launched into two regions, enjoyed sales that are 50% of Häagen-Dazs with infinitesimal print or radio promotion, and received commitments for 500 retail stores in the Southwest. And now it is closing its second round of funding and preparing to launch a new line extension.




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